Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Section 4: Fish: Items 366 - 494

Please note that I have linked as many of the 1001 to links on the web, such as wikipedia (those that have links are underlined). I have also indicated in italics and bold, the ones that I have tried. I anticipate over the course of the year, writing about each ingredient, but for the purpose of these lists, I felt that a general list was probably the best.

Section 4: Fish

  1. Spotted Sorubium
  2. Elephant Ear Fish
  3. Cooper River King Salmon
  4. Ishkan trout
  5. Shisamo
  6. Hiramasa Kingfish
  7. Gilthead Bram
  8. Golden Kingklip
  9. Kanpachi
  10. Cantabrian Boquerone
  11. Collioure Anchovy
  12. Seki Aji
  13. Isle of Man Kipper
  14. Maatjes Herring
  15. Surstromming
  16. Balik Smoked Salmon
  17. Smoked Trout
  18. Smoked Hilsa
  19. Smoked Eel
  20. Smoked Mackerel
  21. Tallinn Kilud
  22. Smoked Snoek
  23. Mosciasme del Tonno
  24. Bottarga di Muggine
  25. Monkfish Liver
  26. Icre
  27. Kazunoko
  28. Salmon Roe
  29. Crab Roe
  30. Wasabi Tobiko
  31. Caviar d'Aquitaine
  32. Arctic Prawn
  33. Pattes Rouges Crayfish
  34. Corryvreckan Langoustine
  35. Audresselles Lobster
  36. Pitu
  37. Yellow Oil Crab
  38. Moleche
  39. Goose-necked Barnackle
  40. Telline de Camargue
  41. Tartufo di Mare
  42. Stewkey Blue Cockle
  43. Littleneck Clam
  44. Date-Mussel
  45. Mont St. Michel Mussel
  46. Green Shelled Mussel
  47. Special Gillardeau
  48. Hiroshima Oyster
  49. Kumamoto Oyster
  50. Bay Scallop
  51. Diver King Scallop
  52. Baby Squid
  53. Ika
  54. Akashi Tako
  55. Dried Abalone
  56. Turu

Fish: 43/128

Oy Vey barely a third of the fish that I have tried. Key things on the list that are missing in my views: Pacific BC Salmon, Atlantic Lobster and Louisiana Crawfish. Oddly enough they were the hardest to find on wikipedia. I think this goes back to the feeling that the list is a bit to restricitve in terms of some of its ingredients being very restrictive. I also noticed that I probsbly haven't been noticing what I have been eating ovet the years, as I am sure that I have tried a ton of these fishies I just can't remember.

Again, if you come across any links, let me know. Also, how is your count??? I'm curious.....

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