Sunday, December 7, 2008

Section 7: Grains: Items 785 - 829

Please note that I have linked as many of the 1001 to links on the web, such as wikipedia (those that have links are underlined). I have also indicated in italics and bold, the ones that I have tried. I anticipate over the course of the year, writing about each ingredient, but for the purpose of these lists, I felt that a general list was probably the best.

Section 7: Grains

  1. Wattleseeds
  2. Baobab Seed
  3. Iranian Pistachio
  4. Wild Green Hazelnut
  5. Grenoble Walnut
  6. King Coconut
  7. Puy Lentil
  8. Tolosa Bean
  9. Garbanzos Pedrosillano
  10. Fasolia Gigandes
  11. Carnaroli Rice
  12. Calasparra Bomba Rice
  13. Purple Rice
  14. Fregola Pasta
  15. Tajarin
  16. Durum Wheat Spaghetti
  17. Tortelli di Zucca
  18. Kisoba Noodle
  19. Sanuki Udon Noodle
  20. Laksa Noodle

Grains: 32/44

YEAH!!! Finally over 50% of items tested in a section. Shocking but true in the section of grains. Grains which is a misleading title for this section as many of the items are more what I would classify as carbs - pasta, nuts, lentils.

The one thing that I am dieing to get my hands on is the Coco-de-Mer. The Taste description lists it as:

"The milky jelly inside can be scooped out and eaten as a soft pudding, similar to Turkish Delight. The flesh has a hint of mint and some consider it a powerful aphrodisiac."

So intriguing. I just don't know where to find it. I fear that it might be banned in North America.

I'll have to start looking for it.

Happy Tasting.

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