Wednesday, December 10, 2008


As I get to the last section of the book, I am struggling with what I am going to do after I evaluate it here on this little blog. What are the next steps? Where do I go from here? I am not sure. I am excited about this endeavour, but I am also feeling overwhelmed. I feel overwhelmed by the sense of expectation of this challenge. What have I undertaken? Am I really going to be able to take this on and have fun with it?

I feel as if I should write about some of the more exciting ingredients on the list that I have already tried as a start. I think that that might be the easiest. I then am not sure where I go. Do I move to a model of having a set night a month, where I invite some of my "1001 groupies" over for food and wine and we try some these things? I am seeing this being a bit of a mash of different things over the course of the challenge, but I think that I need some focus around it. I have already had some people indicate that they are excited to help with some of the more exciting ingredients and cooking and I know that I can always get people together for a plate of cheese and a couple of bottles of wine, so I think it will work out.

I guess it is not letting the challenge die or fizzle out that makes me worried also. I'm not sure how I am going to do that. Potentially writing once a week or more. Maybe it is trying to cross some ting off the list at a regular interval. I think that somehow photography will play into this in a way and my ongoing excitement for it. The other and most important key will be "team 1001". "Team 1001" is a group of friends and family who are all foodies who have shown an interest in being involved in this in one way or another. I think that their enthusiasm and willingness to be engaged and excited will also help how this thing evolves and grow.

Anyway, those are just some thoughts for now that I wanted to get down. Any thoughts that you had to share on moving forward would be greatly appreciated.

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