Wednesday, December 17, 2008

New Fabulous Member of the 1001 Team

I was so overwhelmed to get an e-mail forwarded to me by my little sister from a co-worker of hers, TK, who is on board to help me with a bunch of things that I haven't tried. The lovely new team member is East Indian and has offered to help on so many fronts.

In the e-mail that she sent me, TK is able to get the following easily:

Section 6: Aromatics

10. Fenugreek
21. Curry Leaf
41. Galangal
51. Amchur (green mango powder)
52. Black Lime powder
59. Telicherry Pepper (its my grandmother's town and that's where the pepper is grown, i have some off the climber)
63. Ajwain
77. Asafoetida
87. Panch Phoran

TK, can advice where these are available:

6. Holy Basil (Tulsi, Indian Stores)
29. Pandan Leaf (in Sri Lankan stores)
70. Anardana (dried pomegranate seeds or powder from Indian stores)

Under Section 9 Confections, TK has offered to help on the following ones:

Section 9: Confections

65. Jaggery

Indian Sweets

17. Rasgulla (milk balls, soaked in a sugar syrup)
24. Kaju Katli (made w/ cashew nuts, kinda like marzipan)
26. Pista barfi (made w/ pistachios)

So so so exciting. When I get back from the Christmas holidays, I will contact her and chat with her about all of the above. I assume that I will need some help in how I am going to use some of these ingredients. I brought up the fact that I hadn't tried some of them with friends the other night and I got a huge harassing for not having at least tried the Rasgulla. I am super excited to try them.

Thanks TK!

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