Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Monoprix Adventures

I absolutely love exploring grocery stores while I am away, especially not high end ones. I had fun one afternoon, schlepping around the Monoprix in Strasbourg and walking up and down the aisles. I would be in so much trouble if our local supermarket carried 40+ types of foie gras! just amazing. It all looked so yummy!
No-name Foie Gras:
And more Foie Gras:
and still more types of Foie Gras.....

The cheese aisles always amaze me in french grocery stores. So much variety and so large:

Les Petits Macarons in the frozen food aisles? Have I died and gone to heaven?

It was New Year's Eve, and like everywhere across the world, the underagers were out in full force deciding what libation they would drink for the evening.
Instead of fruit roll ups, kids could take crepes to school!

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