Friday, January 9, 2009

La Boutique d'Antoine Westermann - Plats cuisines Epicerie fine Vins

I was sure that there was a link on the web to this most fabulous food and wine shop. My father and I popped in one day as I peered in and saw that it was not only a twinkling jewel in the window, but was the most exquisite cavern in the basement. The store was simply breathtaking. It had an open staircase that lead from the upstairs mecca of prepared foods, caviar, mustard's, spices, salts, culinary tools, to a "sous sol" of wine, specialty oils and a very special, albeit small, selection of french hand painted bake ware. I picked up some truffle oil here for a song for myself and for my most favourite friends J and L as a special treat. I can't wait to make the most fabulous scrambled eggs with just a hint of truffle!

The front window from the inside:
The centre of the staircase and the fabulous pepper grinders. Had the pink one not been 79 euros, it would have come home with me. It was very close, but in these hard economic times, I had to show some good judgement!
A view from half way up the stairs
Into the cavernous beauty of the Sous Sol and all of the delights it held!
The lovely french mustard's, chutneys and jams, as well as the bake wear. You can also see the beautiful stone walls. I could have spent hours down here! Oils and dried pasta waiting for me to buy them!
The wines at the other end of the basement. It was very dark, which does not come out well in this picture, which just lent to the charm of the whole store.
When I returned upstairs, I really thought that I had died and gone to heaven. The prepared foods were unbelievable, and only in France would they have all of the things that you would need to have caviar prepared and ready to eat - blini, creme fraiche, egg yolks chopped, red onions chopped, caviar of many varieties...... my mouth is watering just looking at the pictures again.
A close up of the varieties of caviar
Blinis ready to go. I wish we could get these here. I would be serving caviar tonight if I could!
Other fabulous treats, waiting to be taken home and eaten.

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