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Section 3: Dairy: Items 263 - 366

Please note that I have linked as many of the 1001 to links on the web, such as wikipedia (those that have links are underlined). I have also indicated in italics and bold, the ones that I have tried. I anticipate over the course of the year, writing about each ingredient, but for the purpose of these lists, I felt that a general list was probably the best. If you have any links that I can add, let me know. I'd love to.

Section 3: Dairy
  1. Cornish Clotted Cream

  2. Creme Fraiche d'Isigny

  3. Smetana

  4. Cottage Cheese

  5. Labneh

  6. Sheep's Milk Yogurt

  7. Skyr

  8. Cuajada

  9. Beurre d'Echire

  10. Goat's Butter

  11. Vologda Butter

  12. Cadi Butter

  13. Obatzda

  14. Mascarpone

  15. Ricotta Romana

  16. Brocciu

  17. Mozzarella di Bufala Campana

  18. Crowdie

  19. Brillat-Savarin

  20. Sakura Cheese

  21. Epoisse

  22. Vacherin

  23. Langres

  24. Limburger

  25. Herve

  26. Camembert Fermier

  27. Brie de Meaux

  28. Harzer Roller

  29. Crottin de Chavignol

  30. Rocamadour

  31. Picodon

  32. Cabichou

  33. Triler Grakase

  34. Stinking Bishop

  35. Torta del Casar

  36. Serra de Estrela

  37. Reblochon

  38. Munster

  39. Postel

  40. Azeitao

  41. Maroilles

  42. Taleggio

  43. Tilsiter

  44. Feta

  45. Ardrahan

  46. Tomme de Savoie

  47. Olomouchke Tvaruzky

  48. Hoch Ybrig

  49. Selles-sur-Cher

  50. Fleur de Maquis

  51. Afuega'l Pitu

  52. Casu Marzu

  53. Yarg

  54. Caerphilly

  55. Schabziger

  56. Gjetost

  57. Tete de Moine

  58. Halloumi

  59. Raclette du Valais

  60. Appenzeller

  61. Emmentaler

  62. Gruyer

  63. Mimolette Vieille

  64. Aged Gouda

  65. Cheshire

  66. Cheddar

  67. Idiazabal

  68. Ossau-Iraty

  69. Paski Sir

  70. Sao Jorge

  71. Boulette d'Avesnes

  72. Tartous Shanklish

  73. Churpi

  74. Moose Cheese

  75. Arzua-Ulloa

  76. Ubriaco

  77. Dry Jack

  78. Provolone Valpadana

  79. Karak Jameed

  80. Xynotyro

  81. Fiore Sardo

  82. Parmigiano-Reggiano

  83. Manchego

  84. Pecorino Romano

  85. Pecorino di Fossa

  86. Leidsekaas

  87. Roquefort

  88. Bleu d'Auvergne

  89. Stilton

  90. Smokey Blue

  91. Cashel Blue

  92. Gorgonzola

  93. Cabrales

  94. Fynsk Rygeost

  95. Leipajuusto

  96. Oscypek

  97. Parenica

  98. Quail Egg

  99. Gull Egg

  100. Pheasant Egg

  101. Goose Egg

  102. Burford Brown Egg

  103. Pei Dan

38/103 Dairy Tasted

I'm surprised that I am so low on this section but, this is the one section where I am most excited to start tasting. In the last year a plethora of excellent cheese shops have opened in and around Toronto with them importing some really neat cheeses. I can't wait to start talking to some of the cheese mongers and asking them to help me get some of the harder cheeses on the list. It is also going to be the easiest section to involve friends in. So fun to buy 3-4 cheeses and invite some friends around on a Friday night with some wine for a tasting. I can't wait.

I also have found one of my items to taste by accident - Beurre d'Echire. I came across it at Pusateri's on Friday when I stopped in for some fresh squeezed orange juice. Good to know that they have it!

I am not at all surprised to see my lack of tasting in the egg department. I am not such a huge fan of eggs. I am surprised to see that there aren't more varieties of eggs on the list. I can tell you that I am least looking forward to tasting Pei Dan. Even the thought of preserved Chinese eggs repulse me. I can't imagine tasting them.

Happy Tasting

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