Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Rules of the Game

As I have been reading the Book, or shall I say bible, my guide for the challenge, I am aware of the fact that their have to be some guidelines and rules around what constitutes "tasting". Do I have to actually have to have eaten the ingredient in the raw? Is it OK to have had something that is flavoured by the ingredient? This problem came to light with the very first ingredient in the book - Elderberry Flower. Does it count that I have had Elderberry Flower jam? I think that it does. I have taken an informal poll of some foodie friends and we agree that it would count.

So some informal guidelines for The 1001 Foods You Must Taste Before You Die Challenge:
  1. The variety of food indicated in the book, must be the variety tasted. For example eating a kipper, although an endearing food adventure, would not qualify towards the 1001 unless it was the "Isle of Man Kipper" as indicated on page 404.
  2. Food flavoured by as the primary ingredient, or as the main source of an ingredient, will count towards the tasting of one of the 1001 if indicated in the description of the ingredient in the book. For example Elderberry Flower Jam would qualify, as it is mentioned in the description on page 22. I will however, endeavour to eat the 1001 in their truest and purest form.
  3. Foods on the 1001 list can be eaten anywhere in the world and extra points will be given for foods eaten in their place of origin.

I think that those three seem easy enough, don't you? I also have committed to try and do the following things:

  1. I will try and list sources and origins for the ingredients that I find in Toronto and elsewhere
  2. I will try and take as many pictures as possible of the adventures
  3. I will endeavour to try new recipes and post them when possible
  4. I promise to include family and friends in this crazy challenge

So here we are at the beginning of this little adventure. I wonder how it will all turn out.

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